Losing your natural teeth can be difficult, but Dr. Jones and Dr. Harris can provide the right solution to rejuvenate your smile and oral health. Dentures and partials are removable dental prostheses that replace missing teeth. In many cases, these appliances can be stabilized with dental implants for added strength and comfort.

Replacing lost teeth is critical to maintaining good dental health, improving chewing and digestion, and restoring confidence. Missing teeth contribute to dental problems by:

  • Creating damage to supporting tissues
  • Exacerbating TMJ issues
  • Leading to further tooth loss
  • Increasing the occurrence of tooth decay and gum disease
  • Making normal speech difficult

We will begin the restoration process with a consultation to determine the best treatment course for you. Dr. Jones and Dr. Harris will take many factors into account, including your oral health, bone density, and number of remaining teeth. When you have lost all teeth on your upper, lower, or on both arches, your dentist will recommend a full denture. Partial dentures provide a good solution when you still have healthy teeth in your mouth; these devices fill in the spaces to give you a fuller smile.