Month: August 2016

3 Things To Consider Before Undergoing Cosmetic Dental Work

What will cosmetic dental work involve? That can depend on the treatment you select. If you decide you want porcelain veneers placed on your teeth, it will take two appointments, and it might require a small amount of enamel be removed from your teeth. If you simply want to have your teeth professionally whitened, you… Read more »

Early Cavity Treatment Can Spare You From A Root Canal

Did you know that you can control what treatment you receive for a cavity? You can…sort of. While your dentist determines what procedure needs to occur to address tooth decay, you can improve your chances of avoiding a root canal by seeking cavity treatment early. When you have restorative dental work done when a cavity… Read more »

What Makes Sleep Apnea Different From Snoring

Snoring may be a symptom of sleep apnea, but it is not accurate to use the terms interchangeably. When you snore, it is because a partial blockage of your airways causes you to produce noise. Sleep apnea involves a total airway blockage, and you can go without air for ten seconds or more. To clear… Read more »

Quiz: Restoring Teeth With Tooth Decay

What does your dentist do about tooth decay? There is more than one way to deal with a cavity. The best solution can depend on how large the cavity has gotten, and if it has made its way to the interior of your tooth. In order to know what restorative dental treatment to use, your… Read more »

Choosing Between At-Home And In-Office Teeth Whitening

Choosing a professional whitening treatment means enjoying a dramatically whiter smile – the kind of improvement that regular brushing or store-bought products are unable to provide. These professional treatments use bleaching agents that are able to take care of stains that lie below your enamel’s surface. That level of reach means a more impressive change…. Read more »

Check Out The City Of Mansfield Kayaking Tour

The city of Mansfield is about to enjoy a new kayaking tour, which will take place at Britton Park. The tour – approved for those aged 7 and up – will offer you guided instructions on a two-person kayak as you navigate Joe Pool Lake. Your instructor will be available to help advise you on… Read more »

Quiz: A Permanent Response To Tooth Loss

What can be done about tooth loss? There are countermeasures you can take to protect yourself against it, as well as several effective methods for replacing lost teeth. It is important to understand that your oral health is jeopardized by the absence of even a single tooth. You can struggle with jaw function, find yourself… Read more »

How Your Teeth Can Become Vulnerable To Cavities

Genetics, poor oral health habits, physical conditions, and diet choices can all affect your cavity risk. Because all of these, except for your genetics, can change over time, your cavity risk is not fixed. After a long period without cavities, you could suddenly find yourself having cavities discovered at your dental checkups. This may only… Read more »