What can be done about tooth loss? There are countermeasures you can take to protect yourself against it, as well as several effective methods for replacing lost teeth. It is important to understand that your oral health is jeopardized by the absence of even a single tooth. You can struggle with jaw function, find yourself at greater risk for tooth loss, and even develop problems with your jawbone. If you have already experienced tooth loss, you can fight back against the issue with a permanent dental prosthetic. Different prosthetic options use different strategies for staying secure. Dental implants actually help preserve your jaw’s health, as well as serving to restore your smile.

True Or False: A Dental Bridge Stays In Place With The Help Of One Dental Crown

False! A dental bridge actually relies on two dental crowns to stay permanently locked in position. The crowns will surround your dummy tooth, will be stable enough to be used for biting and chewing.

True Or False: A Mini Implant Can Be Used If Your Dentist Is Concerned About Your Ability To Receive A Dental Implant

True! Some patients’ jaw health may make full-size implants more difficult to place. In these situations, a mini-implant can be more appropriate.

True Or False: By Not Replacing A Lost Tooth, You Can Be More Vulnerable To TMJ Problems

True! TMJ problems (known as TMD) can develop over time if you are operating your jaw awkwardly. If you are having to avoid an absence in your upper or lower set of teeth when you bite and chew food, it could be causing you to move in uncomfortable motions that cause problems.