What will cosmetic dental work involve? That can depend on the treatment you select. If you decide you want porcelain veneers placed on your teeth, it will take two appointments, and it might require a small amount of enamel be removed from your teeth. If you simply want to have your teeth professionally whitened, you may be able to do that from your own home. Cosmetic dental work can offer a range of benefits for your smile. When you discuss your options with your dentist, and determine what procedure you want, and what results you want to see, you can enjoy a fantastic upgrade to your appearance.

1. Will The Treatment You Receive Fix The Problem You Want To Address?

Some problems may not have the most obvious solution. For instance, whitening your teeth will treat enamel stains, but fall short of helping eliminate intrinsic discoloration. This latter type of discoloration is better addressed with porcelain veneers, or dental bonding.

2. How Long Will It Take To Make Improvements To Your Smile?

Is there a point by which you want the work completed? If you want your smile to be ready in time for something like a wedding, or a reunion, you should be aware that different procedures can take a different amount of time to complete. For instance, a teeth whitening treatment in office means results in one visit – whitening your teeth can yield comparable results, but can take you two or three weeks.

3. Taking Care Of Your Existing Cosmetic Work

After undergoing cosmetic dental work, you should take care to ensure that the results last. This means avoiding food and drink items that are especially capable of leaving stains. If you have veneers, you should be careful not to chew hard substances, as you could damage them.