It’s hard to be yourself when you are self-conscious about your smile. If you are hiding your teeth consider dental bonding. In just a few visits, we can have you smiling and confident with your newly custom-bonded teeth. Your dentist will assess your concerns and work with you to create a smile you won’t want to hide.

Dental bonding is made of a composite-resin material, and is placed over a cosmetically marred tooth in order to improve esthetics and function. Like porcelain veneers, bonding creates a uniform look by closing gaps, whitening teeth, and repairing chips. Bonding is less expensive than porcelain veneers, and can prove to be an effective and satisfying alternative to the more costly veneer procedure.

Combining advanced training and artistry, Dr. Jones or Dr. Harris can evaluate aspects of your facial structure, bite, tooth coloration and tooth shape in order to make a custom smile. After an evaluation, your dentist will match the bonding materials to your mouth’s unique specifications. Once the composite material is ready, with just a local anesthetic, Dr. Jones or Dr. Harris will prepare the tooth so that the material attaches seamlessly with your existing tooth while covering imperfections. After attaching the material to your tooth, your dentist will use a curing light to harden the composite material. As the final step for your new smile, he will polish up the bonded material for a natural shine and vibrancy.