Your dentist offers invaluable care when there is a problem with your oral health. Hopefully, you also see them for checkups, even if you have no existing issues. General dental care involves an expert cleaning, as well as a full evaluation that is meant to identify any possible issues. You may be surprised at some of the problems your dentist can assist with. For instance, would you consider a trip to the dentist to address sleep apnea? Not only can your dentist help, they can do so without the use of a CPAP machine. Without regular dental checkups, you can miss important care that helps keep your oral health in its best condition.

Screening For Serious Oral Health Problems

The sooner you are aware of a serious health issue, the better. At every checkup, your dentist is on guard for any signs of oral cancer. These oral cancer screenings can lead to early detection, and early treatment. Early treatment will greatly improve your chances for a successful recovery.

Additional Cavity Defenses From Your Dentist

Your natural cavity defenses can be affected by age, or changes in your health. If your dentist determines that your relative risk is on the higher side, they may recommend dental sealants. Sealants are coated onto your teeth, and block food debris and bacteria from accumulating on your enamel.

Put A Stop To Bruxism Before It Does Real Damage To Your Teeth

The act of regularly clenching your jaw, known as bruxism, can be a serious threat to your oral health. Problems associated with frequent teeth grinding include TMD, and dental damage. Your dentist can spot wear and tear in the course of a checkup, and advise that you wear a protective mouth guard that defends your teeth while you sleep.