Snoring is more than just an embarrassing habit; it can actually be a sign of a serious breathing disorder called sleep apnea. The most common form of this condition is obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), which occurs when the tongue or soft tissues of the throat relax and collapse while you sleep, blocking the airway. Often occurring hundreds of times per night, these pauses in breathing can last for ten seconds or longer.

The oxygen deprivation of sleep apnea can cause your general health to decline and may lead to or worsen heart disease, high blood pressure, or diabetes, among other conditions. Repeated pauses in breathing also create a disturbance in normal sleep cycles, because patients awaken slightly (often without realizing it) to reinitiate the breathing process. If you are not allowed to progress through the deepest cycles of sleep throughout the night, you will not feel rejuvenated the next morning. Daytime fatigue can lead to falling asleep at work, or even worse, falling asleep while operating machinery or driving a car.

To help keep your airway open and prevent snoring and sleep apnea, your Mansfield dentists offer customized oral appliances. Designed specifically to fit comfortably among your oral structures by Dr. Jones or Dr. Harris, your appliance will hold your jaw slightly forward, which prevents the tissues from collapsing into your airway. The unique design allows for patients to adjust it so that they can find just the right jaw position for maximum effectiveness. With proper use, it will help you stop snoring, breathe easy, and sleep soundly. Your loved ones will also benefit from your appliance, as you’ll no longer keep them awake with your snoring.