Every checkup appointment at Mansfield Dental Associates includes a visual oral cancer test. Like all cancer, oral cancer is much more lethal when it is not caught in the early stages. A visual oral cancer test done by our trained and compassionate dentists and hygienists will allow us to check for oral cancer in all stages so that you can be aware of your safety.

Some risk factors of oral cancer are tobacco use, heavy alcohol use, family history, age, and excessive sun exposure. Dr. Jones and Dr. Harris recommend regular screenings for oral cancer, especially if you are over forty or have any of these risk factors. To begin, your dentist will listen to any concerns or questions you may have. Our goal is to listen closely to our patients so that we can communicate with them effectively. Tell Dr. Jones or Dr. Harris if you are experiencing chronic throat pain, a change in your voice, ear aches, dramatic weight loss, change in the way your teeth fit together, or any other unexplained changes in your oral health. As a part of the screening, your dentist will gently probe the mouth, looking for sores, lumps, rough spots, or other abnormalities in the gums, lips, or tongue.