Restorative work on a cavity is important – without treatment from your dentist, an infection can spread through your tooth root, and that tooth can suffer irreparable harm. That being said, modern dental techniques are sensitive to the desire to maintain an attractive smile. The restorative procedures your dentist can perform rely on materials that can blend effectively with your teeth, so that work done on a cavity will not be detectable. The best way to handle cavities is to avoid letting one develop. Regular checkups with your dentist can help you maintain a cavity-free mouth, and preserve your smile’s good condition.

Restorative Work That Avoids Disrupting Your Smile

If you receive a filling for a cavity, the composite resin used for your treatment has an appearance that approximates the look of your own enamel. It can even bond directly to your tooth, so that there are no spaces where bacteria can enter. A cavity can only be treated with a filling if it is caught in time. If you have suffered too much damage to your tooth, you may require a dental crown. If the tooth in question is in a visible area, an all-porcelain crown can have the appearance of your original tooth, so that it does not disrupt your smile.

Preventing Problems That Can Hurt The Appearance Of Your Teeth

Taking care of your teeth in order to stop problems from developing is vital to keeping a healthy mouth. Your dentist can help by monitoring for potential issues during a routine exam. You might not realize it, but grinding your teeth can do serious dental damage. Treatment for bruxism can prevent you from damaging your teeth by grinding them at night.