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We Can Make Sure Your Filling Matches Your Tooth Color

If you have to have a cavity treated, a restoration will be used to keep your tooth safe after decay is removed. Will this lead to a change in your smile? Are you going to be stuck with a conspicuous dental filling or crown that draws unwanted attention to itself? At our Mansfield, TX dentist’s… Read more »

What Dental Implants Do For Patients With Missing Teeth

How much impact will tooth loss ultimately have on you? If you arrange prosthetic dental work, what kind of benefits can you expect? With the support of dental implants, patients who receive restorations to replace missing teeth can enjoy more than just the cosmetic benefits of prosthetic treatment. Implants act like artificial roots to hold… Read more »

What Support Can I Really Expect From A Custom Crown?

Through restorative dental work, our Mansfield, TX dentist’s office can address problems with a tooth’s health and appearance. If you have a cavity, physical damage, or another problem that affects your bite or oral health, treatment ending with the placement of a permanent restoration will allow you to bite, chew, and speak without difficulty. If… Read more »

Cavity Care Changes To Address Different Degrees Of Decay

The kind of restorative dental work performed to address dental decay will vary. What changes the way your dentist approaches treatment? For some cavities, a dental filling is all that is needed to support a tooth after a small cavity is removed. For more severe cavities, it can be necessary to place a larger restoration,… Read more »

3 Reasons To Stop Ignoring A Toothache And See Your Dentist

How much harm can you really cause to yourself by choosing to ignore a toothache? Problems that cause pronounced pain or sensitivity issues can put a tooth at serious risk. If your pain is due to a tooth infection, the spread of bacteria through that tooth’s roots could cause new problems for your well-being. It… Read more »

Bothered By Dental Sensitivity? Let Your Dentist Know

When your teeth are sensitive enough to make certain foods and drinks feel off-limits to you, it can be hard not to worry about your oral health. Sensitivity is a problem that you should take seriously, and it is something you can discuss with your dentist during your next routine dental checkup. At our Mansfield,… Read more »

How A Filling Keeps Your Tooth Safe After Cavity Treatment

When a cavity forms, the damage done to a tooth will be permanent. While catching and treating cavities early can limit damage to the structure of a tooth, there is a need to address the harm done by decay. At our Mansfield, TX dentist’s office, we use composite dental fillings that match a person’s enamel… Read more »

Prosthetic Dentistry Can Resolve Problems With Your Bite

A person’s healthy bite function will evenly distribute pressure and limit stress on their joints and muscles. Unfortunately, problems with your dental health can lead to unwelcome bite changes that lead to new issues capable of affecting your quality of life. Few changes to your oral health affect your bite like tooth loss. Without your… Read more »

Can I Request A Crown That Looks Like A Natural Tooth?

It can be a relief to finally have a dental problem addressed. Restorative dentistry solves problems like tooth decay and dental damage, which can cause discomfort and interfere with your ability to bite and chew. This work can also help by addressing visible flaws that concern your smile. One thing our Mansfield, TX dentist’s office… Read more »

What Kind Of Care Is Appropriate For A Chipped Tooth?

While it is easy to recognize a dental injury as a potential problem, it may be difficult for you to know just how serious the matter is. Will it require restorative dental work, or is this just a cosmetic problem for your smile? At our Mansfield, TX dentist’s office, we can provide an evaluation to… Read more »