When a cavity initially forms, it can be addressed through treatment that ends with the placement of a conservative filling. Unfortunately, when problems with decay go unrecognized and untreated, more damage ultimately affects our tooth structure. This can worsen to the point where an infection develops within the structure and must be addressed through a root canal. Our Mansfield, TX dentist’s office is prepared to take on this problem and help you recover from the harm done by a cavity. In addition to providing treatment to address an infection, we can keep your tooth safe by capping it with a dental crown that protects it and also takes on bite pressure to preserve natural and comfortable jaw movements.

Why Do Some Dental Problems Require Root Canal Therapy?

In addition to treating problems with advanced cavities, root canals can take care of teeth that are physically injured and require care within the tooth structure. The procedure helps you when you need treatment for a problem that affects your pulp, the central chamber of your tooth. This is the kind of problem that can cause real discomfort, as this is the chamber where living tissues are contained. Treating issues at this stage requires root canal therapy. Carefully accessing this space, treating it, and sealing it for protection before you have a crown put in place will help you recover from a serious threat to your oral health while still preserving your complete smile!

Undergoing Treatment To Restore Your Tooth’s Health

A root canal will take place after we evaluate you and confirm that one will be necessary to restore your tooth’s health. Through the procedure, we can make sure that bacteria and unhealthy tissues within your tooth structure are cared for. After dealing with the problem of your infection, we can make sure the pulp remains safe by sealing it and preparing you for the receipt of your dental crown. The crown is needed to give you lasting support for the tooth itself and for the sake of your bite function. There are different materials used to construct crowns; to make sure your smile is preserved, we can see to it that you have one made from a material that matches your enamel!

Talk To Your Mansfield, TX Dentist About Root Canal Therapy

One advantage to consistent dental checkups and cleanings is that you can receive timely feedback about the state of your oral health, which means you can avoid complications from problems like dental decay. With that said, our practice is here to help those patients who do experience complications and need more involved services. If you would like to find out more about how a root canal treatment can take care of you, reach out to Mansfield Dental Associates in Mansfield, TX today at 817-473-6227!