If you have enjoyed a lifetime of good oral health, you may not know what to expect when a problem like tooth decay does arise. There are different strategies your dentist will employ to provide you with restorative dental care, based on the severity of your cavity. Many patients will have their problem tooth restored with a dental crown. The reason a crown can be used is to protect a tooth that has suffered a relatively large degree of decay, or has been damaged to the point that you require advanced support. Your crown can be discreet, meaning it will be difficult for a person to tell it apart from your natural teeth, which means your smile should not be disrupted by its presence.


True Or False: The only situation that calls for a dental crown is a cavity.

True Or False: There are multiple materials that can be used to construct a dental crown, including porcelain, which can provide you with a realistic restoration.

True Or False: Your dentist will need to provide you with a dental crown after you have undergone a root canal treatment.


False! Some patients will need a dental crown because they have a tooth that has been cracked or badly chipped due to a physical injury.

True! Porcelain offers people a chance to leave restorative dental care with their natural-looking smile. The material can match the shape and color of your tooth.

True! A root canal treatment involves accessing the inner area of your tooth. Once this is complete, you will need more support than a filling can produce, so your dentist will fit the tooth with a crown.