The oral care provided during a general dental visit can cover a range of possible concerns. Patients typically go in to a checkup understanding that their dentist is watching for any signs of tooth decay. However, your dentist’s observations do not stop with a cavity check. They can watch out for issues that can cause discomfort, and lead to long-term issues, like TMD and bruxism. They also check your periodontal tissue, to watch for gum disease. Your dentist is watching for anything that might need to be addressed. It is worth remembering that you also receive a professional teeth cleaning, which can protect you from having problems develop.

Regular Checkups Change Your Risk For Serious Cavities

Your fight against tooth decay is certainly made easier by attending routine dental visits. Going in for a checkup every six months means the potential growth of a cavity is capped at that six-month interval, which can significantly lower your risk that your cavity treatment will require a root canal treatment, or make a dental crown necessary.

Your Dentist Is On The Lookout For More Than Just Tooth Decay

You may not be aware of all the threats that can affect your oral health. Your dentist will watch out for gum disease, which can become serious and hard to address if it is not taken care of. They are also watching out for signs of teeth grinding, or any evidence you are experiencing pain from TMD. A visual check for any signs that oral cancer is forming is also performed – this early detection can ensure treatment starts sooner, which improves your odds of a successful recovery.