When a patient has dental anxiety, just the thought of a routine dental checkup can be hard to process. Even people who would not have a second thought about sitting in the dentist’s chair for a checkup can be reluctant to undergo a longer, or more involved, procedure. What you should understand is that your dentist is invested in providing a comfortable experience for patients. Part of that emphasis on comfort is expressed through an investment in modern dental tools. For instance, modern imaging technology can make the process of examining your teeth more comfortable, and effective. However, that push for patient comfort can also involve providing dental sedation to those who need help feeling at ease.

A Close Examination Of Your Teeth Through Dental Technology

Intraoral cameras and digital x-rays both provide your dentist with a means of carefully observing the condition of your oral health. With intraoral cameras, they can make a close study of hard-to-see areas in your mouth, while avoiding any discomfort you might experience. With digital x-rays, your dentist can capture an image of your teeth and jaw with significantly less radiation than traditional x-ray technology.

Combating Dental Anxiety To Help You Enjoy A Relaxed Visit

Dental sedation can help anxious patients receive the routine checkups they need. Remember, if you go without these scheduled visits, you can be more likely to have a cavity go untreated, and grow until you need a root canal treatment. If you do not normally experience anxieties about dental visits, but feel nervous about an upcoming treatment, let your dentist know. They can safely administer nitrous oxide during your procedure, to help you relax while they perform necessary work.