Mansfield crownAre you wondering if there is a way to prevent your teeth from breaking or possibly needing an extraction? Well, there is a way to strengthen damaged teeth and prevent them from breaking beyond repair. In this blog, your Mansfield, TX, dentist, discusses dental crowns and their many benefits.

What Is a Crown?

A crown is basically a cap that goes over all or just part of the tooth. They are often made of porcelain which gives a natural esthetically pleasing look. If it needs to be a bit stronger, we may choose a porcelain-fused-to-metal structure. This is best for the posterior chewing teeth.

The crown is custom-made to fit your natural tooth. We take detailed impressions which are sent to a lab that artistically designs the crown to match your natural teeth. Once the crown is ready it is sent back to our office so that we can bond it to your tooth.

Does a Crown Mean I Need a Root Canal?

Some people have an inaccurate assumption that a crown means that the tooth also needs a root canal. This is untrue. Root canal-treated teeth do need crowns to protect them, but crowned teeth do not always need root canals. They are only necessary if the decay or infection has reached the innermost pulp of the tooth.

Can Crowns Give Me a Prettier Smile?

Crowns or veneers can be placed over the natural teeth to correct discoloration, chipping, or any other esthetically displeasing condition. The porcelain structure is designed to match the color you choose, and it can be shaped to make the teeth larger or longer. A veneer differs from a crown in that it is a thinner shell of porcelain that fits just over the front of the tooth. It is sometimes preferred since it preserves more of the natural tooth structure and can give more of a natural look in certain cases.

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