Dental fillings are a very common restorative dental treatment. When tooth decay damages the enamel of your tooth, a tooth-colored filling can restore the function and appearance of the tooth while also protecting it from further damage and decay. We have gathered a list of frequently asked questions about dental fillings along with their answers in an effort to provide you with some helpful insight. 

Q: How Does a Filling Work?

A: A filling involves disinfecting a tooth that has been compromised by tooth decay. A filling also involves restoring that tooth with a tooth-colored resin. By clearing out any infection, decay, and damaged pieces of tooth, the filling allows for the tooth to get a restart on health.

Q: How Can I Tell If I Need One?

A: It is rare that you will be able to feel or identify tooth decay in the very early stages because it often comes with no pain or symptoms. However, your dentist is trained to look for early signs, which makes regular exams are important. Skipping routine dental visits may give tooth decay a chance to advance  enough for you to experience tooth sensitivity or a toothache. If you notice any pain, it is important to get into see your dentist before the tooth decay progresses into a more severe stage.

Q: Can I Just Let the Cavity Heal On Its Own?

A: The short answer to this question is no. Because tooth decay is progressive, it will continue to progress when left untreated. Tooth enamel cannot regenerate or heal itself like other parts of your body. Restoring enamel is important to protect the tooth from breakage, further decay, or infection. When ignored, tooth decay can deepen into your tooth’s nerve center, the pulp, to cause inflammation, infection, or abscess. At this stage, a root canal treatment or even an extraction may become necessary to save the tooth.

Do you have any questions about dental fillings?

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