The inconvenient truth about tooth injuries is that, unlike a bruise or a cut, visible damage to a tooth will not heal on its own. You should also be concerned about what an injury does for the health of your tooth. Did you know that in some cases, an injured tooth can require a root canal treatment? If your tooth looks flawed after an accident, or if you experience prolonged problems with soreness or other issues, your dentist should examine the tooth. Your tooth may not be able to heal itself, but with proper treatment, you can enjoy a restored smile after an injury.

Why An Injured Tooth Might Need A Root Canal To Help It Recover

In the center of the tooth is what is referred to as the pulp. The pulp is where blood vessels and nerves in the tooth are housed. An injury can cause damage to this living tissue, and a serious crack can expose it to a possible infection. With a root canal treatment, your dentist can look for – and remove – damaged tissue. Because this procedure can require the removal of significant tooth structure, you may need to have a dental crown placed on the damaged tooth.

Using Cosmetic Dentistry To Cover Up Dental Damage

An injury may not leave you in need of medical treatment, but it can still upset your appearance. Cosmetic dental services are available to address these issues. With dental bonding and contouring, you can return a tooth to a more normal appearance. Contouring can smooth out a chip, while bonding can cover up mild cracks, or larger chips. Bonding can even hide the discoloration of a tooth that sometimes occurs after injury.