Have you thought about whitening your teeth recently? If you have, you may have already checked out products that are available from stores that promise to change the color of your teeth. What you should know is that these treatments are unable to make the kinds of dramatic changes that a professional cosmetic whitening can provide. A whitening treatment from your dentist can be performed in a single office visit, but you can also take materials from your dentist to perform treatments yourself. Not everyone will have an equal benefit from a whitening product. Your dentist can help you figure out if whitening is right for you – if you are a poor candidate, they can help you find another cosmetic dental procedure.

1. Over-The-Counter Whitening Products May Not Be Effective Enough For Your Needs

Whitening products purchased at the store can clear up stains that sit on the front of your teeth. However, eliminating these stains may not do enough to make your teeth as white as you hoped for. Professional whitening treatments use bleaching agents that disrupt stains that dwell deeper in your enamel, for more pronounced results.

2. Not Every Type Of Tooth Discoloration Responds Well To Whitening

Whitening products attack enamel stains – if your discoloration stems from another cause, these treatments may not provide you with what you are looking for.

3. If Whitening Agents Do Not Help Your Teeth, Your Dentist Can Suggest Alternative Procedures

Your dentist can consult with you about what cosmetic treatments are available. In many cases, people who do not benefit from whitening can restore their smile by having porcelain veneers placed on their teeth. These veneers can hide discoloration, while also covering up a range of other flaws.