Why should you talk to your dentist about cosmetic dental work? Your dentist’s deep knowledge of how to address esthetic flaws can provide you with significant results. You may also be interested to know that this work can be completed in less time than you might expect. Different patients can find different matters to fret over when it comes to how they look when they smile. You might be bothered by the color of your teeth. Dental flaws from injuries, or from congenital abnormalities, can also have a serious adverse effect on your appearance.

1. You Can See Better Results In Less Time Than You Expect

If you believe that professional whitening results will take a considerable amount of time, you should know that you can enjoy an improved smile after one visit to your dentist. You also have the option to take home the whitening tools you need, so that your treatments can be better inserted into your schedule. If you want to address damage, or a poorly shaped tooth, a dental bonding treatment will only take one appointment (though it may take a follow-up visit if you are working on several teeth).

2. Your Dentist Can Help Address Intrinsic Discoloration

Intrinsic discoloration is not something you can eradicate with store-bought whitening agents. This problem, which stems from internal tooth issues, will not be adequately addressed by professional whiteners, either. What your dentist can do is use porcelain veneers to cover up flawed teeth, so that they no longer appear discolored.

3. Your Dentist Can Deal With More Than Just Tooth Color

Chips, cracks, and congenital flaws can be taken care of through cosmetic dental work. Your dentist can use porcelain veneers or a dental bonding treatment to give a tooth its proper shape, and hide damage.