You may be worried that a dental crown, while necessary to protect your tooth, could be trouble for your smile. How will you look after you receive it? You may also be curious as to how it will fit in – will the presence of this restoration disrupt your normal biting and chewing actions? Will it interfere with how you speak? You should know that several materials can be used to make a dental crown. If you need restorative dental work on a tooth that is in a more visible area, you can receive one made with a more life-like material. In all cases, your dentist will ensure that your crown’s presence allows you to operate like normal, so that you do not feel you have to adjust how you bite and chew food.

How Will My Dental Crown Look?

Your dental crown’s appearance will be affected by what material is used to construct it. If you are undergoing treatment for a tooth that is more visible, your dentist can select porcelain to make the crown, which can be remarkably life-like in its appearance.

How A Dental Crown Can Help Your Jaw Function Feel Normal Again

A dental crown protects and acts on the behalf of a problem tooth. Your crown should actually make it easier to bite and chew, as you no longer have to avoid a sensitive or painful tooth.

Using Regular Checkups To Keep Your Serious Dental Risks Lower

At a regular checkup, your dentist can find a dental problem that needs a solution, even if you think everything is fine. This increases the chances something like a cavity will be caught while small, and you will be more likely to only need a dental filling.