Could you be doing more to protect yourself against dental problems like tooth decay? Good oral care should involve smart, thorough at-home cleanings (which means brushing and flossing). However, you also need to seek the services of your dentist. The general dental services available through every checkup can protect you against problems like cavities. You can receive a careful cleaning, a close review of your oral health, and prompt restorative dental care (when it is needed). Additionally, your dentist can check for signs of oral cancer, a potentially fatal condition. Early detection and treatment can greatly improve your chances for successful treatment.


True Or False: Dental sealants protect your teeth from discoloration, but do nothing to help you avoid tooth decay.

True Or False: A regular dental visit will involve a professional cleaning, which can lead to the removal of tartar your at-home care can leave unaddressed.

True Or False: If you leave a habit of grinding your teeth unaddressed, you can suffer consequential dental harm.


False! Dental sealants act to block bacteria and food particles that would otherwise gather on your teeth. This serves to protect you against cavities.

True! Unfortunately, tartar can resist your daily cleaning efforts. If you want to ensure this substance is removed, be sure to keep up with semiannual dental visits.

True! Bruxism describes a habit of teeth grinding, which can typically take place during sleep. If you do not seek help, you can eventually grind your teeth to the point that you suffer real damage. You can also develop TMD, which can cause you to suffer frequent discomfort.