There are real functional advantages to a permanently placed prosthetic dental piece. When you enjoy real stability, you can use the prosthetic when you bite and chew food. It can also be more comfortable, as you do not have to worry about it coming loose. You might be curious as to how your prosthetic stays in place. There are multiple approaches to this. One way you can enjoy a permanent replacement is with a dental bridge. The bridge is a construct with the replacement unit set between two dental crowns. The crowns are placed over surrounding teeth, and they keep the dummy tooth secure. This allows you to enjoy a permanent prosthetic, without needing oral surgery to have it stay in place.

A Dental Bridge Provides A Permanent Prosthetic – No Oral Surgery Required

One advantage of receiving a dental bridge with the support of crowns is that you can avoid oral surgery. This can be important if there are concerns about your fitness to undergo surgery, even a more modest procedure. Instead, the bridge simply involves placing two crowns on your teeth.

Know The Risks For Tooth Loss If You Want To Keep Your Teeth

The most common reason why someone loses a tooth relates to gum disease. A periodontal infection can ravage the tissue supporting teeth, which can lead to you needing to have your tooth extracted. An advanced cavity can also kill your tooth, which is one reason it is important to seek restorative dental work promptly when you know something is wrong. To avoid issues like gum disease and tooth decay, stay on top of your at-home care, and see your dentist regularly for checkups.