Worried that the color of your smile might be losing its brightness? Are you put off by a misshapen tooth? Many problems that make you unhappy with your smile can be addressed effectively with a cosmetic dental treatment. You can undergo a procedure that improves the color of your teeth, addresses problems with their shape – you can even take care of minor physical damage. It is important to understand that your dentist’s immediate focus is making sure that your smile is healthy. Any existing problems with your teeth will have to be addressed before focusing on cosmetic issues.

True Or False: If Your Teeth Are Discolored, A Whitening Treatment Is Always The Solution

False! A whitening treatment is ideal for ridding your enamel of unsightly stains. For discoloration due to damage, or as a side effect of certain medications, a different tactic may be necessary.

True Or False: Your Dentist May Need To Remove Some Of The Enamel From A Tooth Before Fitting A Porcelain Veneer On It

True! The first step in receiving porcelain veneers, along with having measurements taken, is the removal of some enamel from your teeth. This is to make sure that your veneers fit correctly, and look natural.

True Or False: Dental Bonding Can Cover Up Minor Damage On A Tooth

True! A small chip or crack on a tooth may not require your dentist to perform restorative work. If the problem is just with how the damage makes your tooth look, it can be treated with dental bonding. This process involves the application of composite resin to the tooth, to hide damage. It can also cover up discoloration, and improve a tooth’s shape.