Say you are about to place an order at a restaurant – what will you have to drink? While flavored beverages in moderation can be find, you should make consuming water a priority, at meals and throughout the day. Water can have a positive influence on your weight, help regulate your body functions, and even help keep your skin looking healthy. These are all good reasons, but there are also benefits to your smile. When you combine water with a smart diet, good at-home care, and regular checkups with your dentist, you can significantly lower the possibility that you will need restorative work done on your teeth.

Water Can Help Fight Dry Mouth

Dry mouth, the insufficient ability to produce saliva, can leave you at a real disadvantage when it comes to defending against cavities. This is because saliva makes it easier to clean your teeth, and can actually help keep them healthy. Your saliva delivers minerals like fluoride to the outside of your teeth, keeping them strong. It can also help you fight the harmful bacteria residing in your mouth. If you suffer from chronic dry mouth, dental sealants can help protect your teeth while you deal with this diminished natural defense.

Replacing Sugary Soft Drinks With Water

Water has no sugar, and is not acidic – these are two qualities that definitely do NOT apply to soft drinks. While you may be familiar with sugar’s role in cavity development, you might not realize how the acidity of these beverages can hurt your smile. Acids can make your enamel softer. This makes it harder to stop a cavity from forming. It can also make you more likely to suffer dental discoloration.