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Chronic Headaches Could Be Connected To Dental Problems

How often do you experience headaches? Are you prone to feeling discomfort in your face or jaw? While you may not identify chronic pain as a dental issue, these issues could all indicate that you are experiencing TMJ problems, also called TMD. TMD is a problem with the joints of your jaw, which can compromise… Read more »

3 Ways Bruxism And TMD Can Complicate Your Oral Health

Bruxism and TMD are two separate conditions, but sufferers of bruxism can easily develop TMD. Bruxism is a condition where a person tends to clench their jaw, and can be especially prone to doing so while they sleep. TMD stands for temporomandibular joint disorder. This is a problem with your jaw joint that can cause… Read more »

The Connection Between Lost Teeth And TMD

Has a missing tooth affected how comfortable you are with your smile? Has your ability to chew food been compromised? A lost tooth can be introduce several complications into your life. These compromises with routine jaw function can actually lead to TMD (temporomandibular joint disorder), an uncomfortable affliction that can cause pain in your face… Read more »

Trouble Sleeping? It Could Be An Oral Health Issue

It can be hard to pinpoint exactly why your nights are not as restful as they should be. Unless you sleep with a partner, who can report problems like snoring, or the sound of your teeth grinding, you may not know why you struggle to feel rested. Your oral health can be a big factor… Read more »

Know the Signs of Bruxism and TMD

Bruxism is the term used when patients habitually clench their jaw and grind their teeth. Because this often happens during sleep, it can occur even if you don’t realize it is happening. Bruxism can cause headaches, tooth sensitivity, and problems with your jaw. Bruxism can even lead to temporomandibular disorders (TMD), which can produce a… Read more »

Ways to Protect Your TMJs

Your TMJs (short for “temporomandibular joints”) are your jaw joints, which connect your lower jaw to your cranium, while providing movement. You need these joints to open and close your mouth, which facilitates the ability to chew, speak, and more. When all is working well, you likely give little thought to this portion of your… Read more »

TMD: True-or-False Quiz

If suffering from daily discomfort in your jaw or surrounding area has simply become a normal part of your life, we encourage you to speak with us about TMD treatment. The longer you ignore the signs of a jaw problem, the greater your chances of experiencing long-term damage that we may otherwise easily prevent with… Read more »

Mansfield Dentists Answer Your Questions about TMJ

Have you ever experienced troublesome pain around your jaw, possibly in or around your ears? You may be suffering from temporomandibular joint problems, also referred to as TMJ disorders. The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is the joint that connects the skull to your jawbone. The TMJ and the muscles attached to it control the up and… Read more »

Dietary Approaches to Treating Jaw Pain

Lingering jaw pain can damper even the brightest spirits. Whether you experience sharp twinges when you yawn or a chronic dull throb throughout the day, the pain associated with TMJ disorder and bruxism (teeth grinding) inhibits your ability to speak and eat normally and can place you in a decidedly negative frame of mind. Your… Read more »

You Might be a Bruxer If . . .

You may not have heard the term “bruxism,” but you’ve probably heard of teeth grinding and jaw clenching, two related subconscious behaviors often caused by stress, anxiety, allergies, or TMJ disorder. Treating bruxism is a simple process involving a custom-fitted mouthguard designed by your dentist. However, many bruxers (people living with bruxism) don’t seek treatment… Read more »