Mansfield, TX, dentist offers bridges and dentures

Thanks to advancements in dentistry, there are several options available when you need to repair one of your pearly whites. Dental fillings can restore the area after a cavity or a crown can be used to mend a damaged tooth. If you have lost one of your permanent teeth, there are options available for you, too. Today, your Mansfield Dental team in Texas is here to discuss how bridges and dentures can give you a full smile again.

The Dangers Of Tooth Loss

When your permanent dentition comes out, it can pose a threat to your oral health. It can become difficult to chew certain foods or cause problems with your speech. Additionally, leaving a gap in your smile can lead to your teeth shifting out of place. In advanced cases, further bone loss may occur and result in more gaps in your grin.

Replacing Up To Three Missing Teeth

Depending on the severity of your loss, there are different options available to replace a tooth. For patients who are missing up to three in a row, a dental bridge may be a helpful solution. This type of damage may have happened after an accident or due to a condition such as periodontitis. It is important to fill the gap in your smile in order to protect the integrity of your jaw structure.

A bridge consists of two parts: the pontic and the supporting teeth. Before having this prosthetic replacement added, crowns may be bonded to the adjacent teeth for extra support. The bridge will be a permanent fixture, so there will be no need to remove it when eating or during your oral hygiene routine.

When You Have Several Lost Teeth

For patients with structure loss in different areas around your oral cavity, a bridge will not be able to replace these. Instead, your dentist may recommend dentures. These can be complete or partial depending on how many natural pearly whites you have remaining. Dentures are created to look lifelike and can be adhered to daily. You will remove them to clean and brush your gums. This may also be a more beneficial option for patients whose adjacent teeth are not strong enough to hold a bridge in place.

Dentures have several advantages. First, they can improve your ability to chew, speak, and smile. You can increase your confidence again thanks to having a full grin. If you are eligible, there is an option to have implant-supported dentures. With this, posts will be inserted below the gumline. This will help recreate the root of your tooth and prevent further bone loss. Then, the permanent denture can be secured in place.

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