Is your recent trouble with jaw pain and stiffness really worth discussing with your dentist? If you have a persistent problem with pain, limited movement, or discomfort in your face, neck, and head, it could be because of TMJ disorder. This is a problem that can be traced back to poor jaw joint alignment and movement. At our Mansfield, TX dentist’s office, we can work with you to resolve this issue so that you can move past your issues with discomfort. We will take care to closely analyze both your jaw movement and oral structures to see how we can best tend to this issue. We will also work to help you deal with bruxism, or persistent teeth grinding, an issue that is often linked to problems with a person’s jaw.

Persistent Jaw Pain, Stiffness, And Teeth Grinding Can Be Linked To TMJ Disorder

The onset of problems linked to TMJ disorder can be hard to ignore, and they can certainly be difficult to live with. You may have a more difficult time biting and chewing because of limited or uneven movement, and you can experience jaw pain as well as issues with headaches, facial discomfort, and neck and shoulder pain. Teeth grinding issues can also become an issue for you. While some people start to struggle with TMJ disorder because they grind their teeth, others can develop issues with bruxism because of poor jaw alignment and stress.

Discussing Treatment To Restore Your Jaw Function

Through the use of advanced imaging technology, we can closely evaluate your teeth and jawbone, which can help us identify issues with poor alignment as well as with bruxism. From there, we can recommend an approach to resolve your problems with persistent pain. To address teeth grinding that occurs at night and reduce mounting stress, we can recommend that you use a custom oral guard while you sleep.

What We Can Do If Teeth Grinding Issues Have Hurt Your Smile

Unfortunately, people sometimes wait until they have visible dental damage to bring up their concerns about teeth grinding. We can evaluate your smile and determine if you would benefit from cosmetic dental work, or if the harm is going to call for restorative treatment. Our goal is to find a conservative approach to treatment, one that makes you comfortable with your smile against while minimizing changes to your enamel.

Talk To Your Mansfield, TX Dentist About Your TMJ Problems

Through work to correct worsening problems with your jaw, we can help you put a stop to problems with persistent and chronic pain, and we can make changes to your dental health that better protect your teeth and joints. To find out more, please contact Mansfield Dental Associates at 817-473-6227!

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