Category: Preventive Dentistry

Combating An Increased Cavity Risk

Not everyone has the same cavity risk. You may have naturally stronger enamel, better access to fluoridated water, or other dental advantages. Other people may find that they are more cavity-prone than the average person, for a variety of reasons. It may seem unfair, but if you carry a greater cavity risk, you will need… Read more »

Don’t Be Silent About Your Partner’s Snoring

Sleeping next to someone who snores can make it difficult to enjoy a full night of sleep. You should note that snoring can be an indicator of more significant issues. People who experience sleep apnea – periods of airway blockages while they sleep – will often snore loudly. This loss of air causes the person… Read more »

How Often Do You Visit Your Dentist?

Can you recall the last time you visited your dentist? Do you have your next appointment scheduled? Regular dental checkups address your oral health, and offer a detailed cleaning of your teeth. Typically, a patient should visit every six months. When you forgo dental checkups, and only see the dentist when something is wrong, you… Read more »

Choosing Water Over Flavored Drinks Can Benefit Your Teeth

While beverages like soft drinks, coffee, and tea can be fine in moderation, these drinks can have detrimental effects on your teeth. Darker drinks can stain your enamel, and acidic beverages – like sodas – can leave you more vulnerable to cavities. Water can help clear away accumulating bacteria and food debris in your mouth…. Read more »

How Routine Dental Visits Go Beyond Teeth Cleaning

The cleaning you receive from your hygienist during a routine dental checkup is majorly beneficial to your oral health, but routine visits involve more than just a cleaning. A checkup gives your dentist an opportunity to examine your overall oral health, and identify problems before you notice symptoms. A routine checkup also allows your dentist… Read more »

Can Adults Get Dental Sealants?

You probably know that dental sealants are an essential part of children’s dentistry and are routinely applied to school-age children’s teeth to prevent the development of cavities. You might be surprised to learn that teens and adults can also reap major oral health benefits from having dental sealants placed, especially if you’re at a higher… Read more »

5 Tips to Prevent Cavities

The crazy thing about cavities isn’t that they affect over 90% of adults; it’s that they are so highly preventable with consistently good hygiene and dental care. Despite their destructive nature (cavities are a product of tooth decay, which destroys your tooth structure), they begin as peacefully as plaque accumulating on your teeth. The oral… Read more »

Do You Have Sleep Apnea?

Do you frequently snore or feel inexplicitly tired during the day? If so, you may be experiencing the common symptoms of a serious sleep disorder. Do you have sleep apnea? Fortunately, patients with his disorder can make simple changes to their daily routine and seek comfortable and noninvasive treatment options.

How Do I Stop Grinding My Teeth?

Do you suffer from bruxism? This disorder involves chronic teeth grinding or jaw clenching and can lead to a number of uncomfortable symptoms. If you have this issue you may be wondering, “How do I stop grinding my teeth?” Fortunately, there is a simple and non-surgical solution to persistent teeth grinding.

How’s Your Daily Flossing Going?

How are your flossing habits? Hopefully you didn’t just respond with, “What flossing habits?” Removing the plaque from between your teeth that your toothbrush inevitably leaves behind is a significant factor in maintaining a truly healthy, clean smile free of oral diseases like gingivitis and tooth decay. You may assume that as long as you’re… Read more »