The right approach to cavity prevention will see you consistently brush and floss your teeth, take care to limit your consumption of sugary products, and see your dentist for general oral health evaluations. These preventive dental appointments offer thorough teeth cleanings along with evaluations to determine if there are any early signs of trouble that you should know about. At our Mansfield, TX dentist’s office, we can regularly check up on your smile to see if you have any dental or periodontal problems, and help you stay protected against oral health threats. We also use these visits as an opportunity to check you for early warning signs of potentially serious issues like oral cancer.

How Long Has It Been Since Your Last Dental Checkup?

If you want to stay consistent with preventive dental care, you should see your dentist on a semiannual basis. At every appointment, you receive helpful feedback about your oral health as well as a thorough teeth cleaning from your hygienist. If you are not seeing your dentist regularly, problems can go undetected and worsen until the restorative dental work required is more involved.

Your Dentist’s Role In Helping You Prevent Cavities

Your general dental visits include teeth cleanings so that your teeth can remain safe against the accumulation of tartar. Tartar removal is important for cavity prevention, as this substance will remain on teeth and negatively affect your well-being until you have deposits cleared away. Unfortunately, tartar buildup is resistant to removal by brushing and flossing. If you allow deposits to accumulate, you are more likely to need a dental filling or dental crown at a future appointment.

Other Services Offered Through Preventive Dental Care

Preventive dental services address more than just matters related to tooth decay. During an evaluation, your dentist will screen you for any possible signs of oral cancer. By recognizing and responding to these issues, we can make sure that treatment starts as soon as possible. We can also help with matters like teeth grinding and TMJ disorder, which can affect your quality of life. If cavities have been a frequent issue for you in the past, we can talk with you about the benefits of sealants to keep your teeth safe.

Schedule General Dental Care With Your Mansfield, TX Dentist

Our Mansfield, TX dentist’s office is prepared to help patients stay on top of their oral health needs. By staying consistent with general dental exams, we can help you avoid potentially serious health concerns while also helping with more common problems like tooth decay. To find out more about our preventive services, or to discuss our restorative and cosmetic treatments, please reach out to Mansfield Dental Associates by calling us at 817-473-6227.