How much impact will tooth loss ultimately have on you? If you arrange prosthetic dental work, what kind of benefits can you expect? With the support of dental implants, patients who receive restorations to replace missing teeth can enjoy more than just the cosmetic benefits of prosthetic treatment. Implants act like artificial roots to hold an appliance securely to your jawbone. With this support, you can bite, chew, speak, and laugh with the confidence that your restoration will remain in place. At our Mansfield, TX dentist’s office, we are prepared to help patients with different degrees of tooth loss navigate the benefits of having dental implant support for their replacement teeth!

Prosthetic Dental Work Can Help With More Than Just Your Confidence

A person who loses teeth can experience a loss in confidence, as well as difficulties with biting and chewing. A lifelike dental prosthetic can certainly help you regain comfort with your smile, but will it also help you feel more comfortable with your dental functions? Dental implant support provides practical benefits for patients who have lost teeth. The stability that an implant provides can make it easy to trust a replacement tooth whenever you bite or chew. In fact, putting bite pressure on these appliances can benefit you because the implants will stimulate your jawbone, which sends signals to your body to deliver nutrients to the surrounding bone tissues.

Why Patients Choose To Include Dental Implants In Plans To Restore Their Smile

With dental implants, you are able to regain better bite support, preserve your jawbone health, and feel more comfortable knowing that your restoration will remain in place. Thanks to the digital imaging technology at our practice, we can make detailed plans to carefully place implant posts so that they provide the most support possible for a dental prosthetic. In the short term, you can be happy to once again enjoy foods that were previously difficult to enjoy. In the longer term, you can count on the health benefits of a more varied diet, and also take care to protect yourself against jawbone deterioration and the loss of more teeth!

Preserving Your Restored Smile

Maintaining good oral health after you receive your dental implants can help you protect your restored smile. In addition to practicing good oral hygiene on a daily basis, make sure you continue to take advantage of regular dental exams. At these visits, your dentist can check on the condition of your natural teeth as well as the dental crowns being held in place by implants.

Talk To Your Mansfield, TX Dentist About Dental Implants

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