People lack confidence in their smile for several reasons. The unfortunate truth is that even small flaws can cause significant worry over your appearance, as they can change your facial symmetry and demand outsized attention. If you are currently uncomfortable with your smile, or if you just see room for improvements, you can be happy to learn that cosmetic dentistry makes changes possible with surprisingly conservative treatments. Through a dental bonding procedure, we can actually hide minor chips and cracks, close a gap between teeth, and even restore the color of a tooth! This process involves the application of a composite material that imitates your enamel, and will not require the placement of a permanent restoration. We do offer other procedures, like the placement of porcelain veneers, that can address these concerns as well – while veneer placement can be more involved, you can have an easier time maintaining improvements in the long term.

Using A Bonding Procedure To Address Dental Damage

Dental damage can result after an injury, but it can also be a problem that steadily accumulates because of wear and tear. If this is an issue that affects you, then you should know that a bonding procedure will allow you to have a tooth carefully restored and reshaped so that it no longer looks out of place. At the end of a procedure, your tooth can easily fit in and preserve the symmetry of your smile!

Restoring The Color Of A Tooth With A Bonding Procedure

While teeth whitening treatments help patients fight the buildup of stains that dull their enamel, bonding procedures have helped many patients restore the color of teeth that have been affected by other matters. Intrinsic discoloration can occur after an injury, or due to the use of certain medications. By covering dull or discolored teeth, we can restore their color and give your smile a brighter, healthier look!

Bonding Procedures Can Hide Smile Gaps And Overlaps

You may not need an orthodontic procedure to close a gap or address a mild overlap between two teeth. Through the bonding process, we can make teeth look properly aligned so that you no longer have an obvious spacing flaw. This means you can see the results you want in little time, and without going through an extended period with an orthodontic appliance!

Discuss The Benefits Of Dental Bonding At Our Mansfield, TX Dentist’s Office

Dental bonding treatments have helped many patients see exciting changes to their smiles with minimal work on their tooth structure. If you have problems that you wish to address with your smile, let us know! You can reach out to Mansfield Dental Associates by calling 817-473-6227. In addition to offering cosmetic services, we do provide a range of restorative and preventive services.