We can pick up teeth stains from many different foods and drinks, as well as from tobacco products. Eventually, the particles that these items leave on our enamel can change the way we look, and that can lead to frustration as well as a loss of confidence. What can you do to restore your smile if teeth stains have become an embarrassing issue for you? While store bought whitening treatments can provide some improvement, you can find yourself less than thrilled with their ultimate impact. To do more for your smile, talk to your Mansfield, TX dentist about a professional whitening procedure! With a professional cosmetic procedure, you can see more exciting results thanks to bleaching agents that can take care of tougher and deeper stains.

Have Teeth Stains Hurt Your Confidence In Your Smile?

If your teeth look dull and discolored, you may think twice before showing off your smile, or even prefer to keep it hidden as much as possible. Because so many popular products can leave stains on our teeth, they can be hard to fully avoid. Despite your best efforts to thoroughly clean your smile each day, and to attend routine dental exams and cleanings, you can pick up stains that become hard to ignore. Fortunately, you have access to both in-office and take-home whitening treatment at our practice. With your preferred choice, you can take action against discoloration and enjoy a big boost of confidence in the way you look!

Arranging A Professional Whitening Procedure

You can choose between two different approaches to teeth whitening provided at our practice:

  • By taking home a professional whitening kit, you can enjoy treatment from the comfort of your own home that still delivers exciting improvements! The bleaching agents in kits that we provide are more potent than what you can pick up over the counter. We make applying these agents easier by supplying custom trays that are designed to fit comfortably over your teeth. Through two to three weeks of treatment, you can see noteworthy changes in the color of your enamel!
  • An in-office whitening procedure gives you exciting smile improvements after just one appointment. Instead of using heat to stimulate the effects of our whitening gels, we rely on the Opalescence® Boost system to chemically activate their effects. Once your visit is complete, you can show off a stunning set of teeth!

Other Services That Can Improve The Way You Look

If you are trying to brighten your smile, it is good to know whether you need help with stains, or if you are dealing with intrinsic discoloration. Intrinsic discoloration refers to changes to your tooth structure that make your teeth appear dull or discolored. Instead of recommending a whitening treatment, we can recommend that you undergo another cosmetic dental procedure to more effectively address this matter.

Talk To Your Mansfield, TX Dentist About Teeth Whitening Treatment!

Your Mansfield, TX dentist is ready to help you show off a better, brighter smile! To learn more about teeth whitening and other beneficial services, please contact Mansfield Dental Associates at 817-473-6227!