Your teeth are strong enough to bite and chew through many different foods without issue, but they can be physically hurt. Unfortunately, when your enamel is damaged, it can create serious issues for your smile and oral health that remain a problem until you seek treatment. At our Mansfield, TX dentist’s office, patients who experience problems with chipped, cracked, or otherwise damaged teeth can count on important support. For a chipped tooth, we can determine if cosmetic treatment is appropriate, or we can determine if you might require more involved restorative dental work. The right procedure can ensure that your tooth will remain healthy, and that you still have the stability to safely apply bite pressure with it.

A Chipped Tooth Can Be A Source Of Embarrassment And Concern

Even if a chip is relatively small, it can create an embarrassing smile flaw that you prefer to hide from others. What you should be aware of is that a seemingly small amount of damage can affect your oral health as well as your appearance, and that can lead to more difficulties with your well-being and bite function. After an evaluation, we can determine if you might benefit from cosmetic dental work, or if you need restorative dental work to preserve a tooth’s health and appearance.

Restoring Your Smile Through Cosmetic Work

Cosmetic services are more conservative, which means they preserve more of your tooth structure to prevent embarrassment about your appearance. In addition to offering treatments to make your smile brighter and more uniform, we can perform targeted treatments to hide chips and other conspicuous flaws. A chipped tooth is something that we can cover through tooth bonding, which discreetly reshapes a tooth without the need to place a restoration. We can also provide coverage with a porcelain veneer, a thin shell that only covers the front surface of a tooth.

Receiving A Dental Crown To Protect Your Tooth

Restorative services provide protection for your oral health and also preserve your smile. If your chipped tooth creates problems for your well-being, we can discuss the value of treatment with a dental crown. A crown will completely cover your tooth in order to protect it against damage, and to ensure that you can still bite and chew without difficulty. After a more severe injury, we may need to perform root canal therapy to address internal problems before we can move forward with placing a crown.

Talk To Your Mansfield, TX Dentist’s Office About A Chipped Tooth

If you chip your tooth, you should see your dentist about it. The sooner you undergo a review, the sooner you can learn more about the benefits of cosmetic work, or find out if you need restorative treatment. To find out more, please contact Mansfield Dental Associates at 817-473-6227!