Is everyone in your family as safe from cavities as they should be? While adults and children can have different challenges when it comes to maintaining healthy smiles, the threat of decay is something that affects us at any age. Simply put, once a person’s teeth start to arrive, they will need proper preventive care to keep them healthy. Our dental office is ready to meet with families in and around the Mansfield, TX area who want to make sure their smiles are receiving the appropriate care. We offer checkups and procedures for adults as well as pediatric oral health services, so we can make sure all the members of your household are receiving the right support to stay safe from cavities.

Good Preventive Habits Are Important At Every Age

While preventive dental care matters at every age, not everyone is ready to start caring for their teeth on their own. Typically, kids will not brush or floss their own teeth consistently until they are around six or seven. Starting them too early on their own oral care can have negative consequences, as they may lack the dexterity to clean their smile properly. With that said, they can still benefit from guidance on dental hygiene, and information on the importance of oral health. Adults tend to be comfortable with their hygiene routines. Unfortunately, changes in our general habits as well as physical changes can affect our risks for decay over time. That means a routine that has helped you stay healthy can grow less effective!

Arranging Dental Services For Kids

During dental visits with our younger patients, we can provide treatments that offer guidance as well as appropriate in-office care. When a child’s first tooth arrives, we can examine them to make sure there are no early issues and offer guidance on taking care of them. When they are old enough, we can start to provide the preventive services that help adults avoid cavities. At the appropriate times, we can even give them extra cavity protection with dental sealants and fluoride treatments.

Keeping Up With Your Own Oral Health Needs

Family dental care remains important for parents as well as kids! To keep yourself safe from problems that call for restorative dental work, be consistent with your routine dental checkups. At these appointments, we can provide detailed teeth cleanings as well as inspections for possible problems. We check for more than just cavities and gum disease. We can look out for issues with TMJ disorder and bruxism that cause physical pain, and we can do important early checks for the warning signs of oral cancer.

Schedule Dental Care For Your Family At Our Mansfield, TX Dentist’s Office

By visiting a dentist’s office that is ready to care for your entire family, you can help everyone in your household stay safe against cavities and other threats. To find out more, please contact Mansfield Dental Associates at 817-473-6227!