If you have been practicing brushing and flossing with your child at home and scheduling preventive dental visits, you are doing a wonderful job. However, we often find that parents wonder if there’s anything else they can be doing to protect the oral health of their children. In this case, our top answer usually includes a suggestion to choose dental sealants to protect hard-to-reach teeth from plaque and tooth decay. Wondering what to expect from this treatment and why your child needs it? Look over the following information:

Sealants Are Effective

When it comes to agreeing to dental procedures, complex treatment can often cause people to hesitate. However, dental sealants require a very simple procedure and offer wonderful benefits. We encourage you to choose this preventive solution for your child for the following reasons:

  • Sealants provide a barrier over your child’s hard-to-reach teeth, which often have a multitude of fissures and grooves where bacteria can easily hide – this can quickly lead to a cavity
  • Dental sealants last for five to 10 years in most cases, which means your child will enjoy long-term protection against tooth decay on back teeth
  • Your child will feel better about his or her efforts in home hygiene when back teeth remain cavity-free for an extended period of time
  • Nobody will be able to detect that your child has sealants except for a dental professional

The Process Is Simple

Applying sealants is easy, so you won’t have to worry about your child’s comfort. We will clean your little one’s teeth to prep them. Then, we will carefully paint a layer of plastic over the chewing surfaces of your child’s molars. We may use a special light to accelerate the drying process. And it’s that simple. 


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