Has anyone ever mentioned to you that they can hear you grinding your teeth? Perhaps you wake up in the morning with some discomfort in your jaw. You may be suffering from a treatable disorder called bruxism, or teeth grinding. While you may think to yourself, “A lot of people grind their teeth, I’m sure it isn’t serious” – think again. What seems like a simple inconvenience can cause you a great deal of daily discomfort as well as long-term damage. Wondering if bruxism effects you and whether our non-invasive treatment can improve your quality of life? Consider the following facts:

Quick Facts About Bruxism

  • This disorder is characterized by grinding or clenching your teeth.
  • Many people primarily grind their teeth in their sleep, so patients often have a hard time pinpointing the cause of their discomfort.
  • Friends or significant others may point out that they have recognized your grinding, though you are unaware that you are performing this habit.
  • You may suffer from tooth damage as a result of the tremendous pressure placed on your teeth. This can include flattened, worn-down tooth surfaces and tooth sensitivity. You may also experience fractures or breakages.
  • Bruxism often places pressure on your TMJs (temporomandibular joints – or jaw joints) which may lead to TMJ disorder and chronic jaw discomfort.
  • You may suffer from ear aches.
  • Your teeth may become loose.
  • We may treat bruxism with preventive measures to address symptoms, while preventing the long-term damage associated with this disorder.
  • Treatment is non-invasive and comfortable. You will wear an oral appliance, much like a soft mouth guard, while you sleep at night. It will prevent your top and bottom teeth from touching, while cushioning your bite – this will prevent grinding and clenching.


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