When it comes to providing our patients with the comfort they deserve, one of the ways we ensure this is with the use of advanced technology like digital X-rays. While you likely have a solid understanding of what this type of imaging is used for – it gives us a closer look at the internal workings of your oral cavity – you may find that you have some questions. From wondering what makes this type of X-ray different from conventional ones to feeling curious about the benefits, we are happy you are interested and would like to answer some of your most frequently asked questions below:

FAQs About Digital X-Rays

Question: What makes them “digital” instead of conventional?

Answer: The process relies on the use of computer technology rather than film development.

Question: So this means you won’t need to develop the X-rays?

Answer: Yes. Rather than using film and chemicals that pollute the environment and create waste, we will simply upload the image into our computer. Fortunately, this means digital X-rays offer a green, earth-friendly solution to capturing images of your mouth.

Question: Do they emit less radiation?

Answer: Yes, this is one of the very exciting benefits.

Question: Is the process the same?

Answer: It is similar, but not identical. Unlike conventional X-rays that require you to close your teeth on bitewings, this is much simpler. We will place a small sensor comfortably in your mouth in a variety of locations to take your X-rays. The process is quick.

Question: What are the benefits of having the X-rays loaded into your computer?

Answer: This makes everyone’s lives much easier. First, we can quickly begin showing you what we see happening in the inner workings of your mouth. Also, we may very easily take a closer look at the X-rays using computer software and can even send them via email if you need to see a specialist.


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