Are you missing out on important information on tooth decay, its prevention, and its treatment? You may have a hard time finding someone who is not aware of cavities and how they harm teeth. However, you may be surprised at just how important dental visits are to their prevention and what the right restorative treatment for them will involve. At our Mansfield, TX dentist’s office, we can provide regular examinations that let you know if you have issues with your smile that should be addressed. Ideally, you will stay safe from problems with decay that have to be treated. If you do find that you need work done, we can offer care that preserves your health and bite function as well as your smile!

Why Is A Cavity So Harmful To Your Oral Health?

Cavities can do significant harm to your tooth structure, but when they are caught and treated early, the harm is minimized. As long as they are not dealt with, they will do more and more damage to your enamel, which will eventually leave you vulnerable to a painful infection as these harmful microbes infiltrate your pulp. Once this happens, you can experience issues with pain and sensitivity that are difficult to ignore. Remember that if you do decide to put off an appointment in spite of the discomfort you feel, you will be more likely to have complications that make tooth loss a real possibility!

How Do Dental Checkups Lower Your Risk For Problems With Decay?

Dental checkups offer both timely warnings about cavities that are present and preventive services to make them less likely to occur. Preventive care in the form of thorough cleanings and examinations will help you by ridding your teeth of tartar buildup. They also provide information on how effective your smile care routine has been, which helps you make adjustments. As your dentist evaluates you, they will let you know if you have any signs of active decay that warrant cavity treatment. It can be less than welcome news to hear that you have a cavity, but early warnings ultimately help you because they ensure you are treated before you experience complications.

How Does Your Typical Diet Affect Your Risk For Smile Problems?

Beyond brushing and flossing, you protect your smile with better diet choices. Restricting sugar is just one smart decision you can make. Be careful about your consumption of acidic foods and beverages that soften your enamel. To stay hydrated and keep your teeth clean throughout the day, be sure to drink water regularly. Maintaining your hydration levels can be more important than you know, as it helps your body produce saliva, a natural form of protection for our smiles.

Learn How Your Mansfield, TX Dentist Can Help With The Treatment And Prevention Of Tooth Decay!

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