Have your children returned to school, or are they about to? If so, then you may consider scheduling a back-to-school visit with your Mansfield, TX, dentists. These appointments help your little ones start the school year with a healthy and bright smile. Let’s look at what happens in our checkup and cleaning visits!

Why Kids Need Checkups and Cleanings

When we examine your child’s smile every six months, we have a chance to monitor the teeth and gums as the smile grows and develops. With advanced technology, we can identify possible problem areas in the earliest stages, often before your child reports discomfort. For children, we typically look for warning signs of cavities, gingivitis, and developing misalignment. If necessary, we can offer treatment to manage the issue. Our team also performs a dental cleaning, in which we carefully remove all plaque from the surface of the teeth. The process reduces the risk of cavities and poor gum health. The cleaning also offers children brighter teeth and fresher breath, and studies have shown regular appointments reduce dental anxiety in kids!

Preventing Cavities

To help your little ones avoid tooth decay, we may offer a preventive treatment. For example, for some kids we could coat the teeth in a fluoride varnish. A natural mineral, fluoride helps strengthen outer tooth enamel and keep the smile strong and cavity-free. Applying the varnish only takes a few moments, and we can re-apply in future appointments. A dental sealant could also help. A protective plastic coating, we add the sealant to the rear teeth, which prevents food from becoming stuck between these teeth. Since children often have trouble reaching the rear molars, this helps lower the chances of a cavity forming. The sealants will then wear away naturally with time.

Brushing and Flossing

Our team also looks forward to educating kids on proper brushing and flossing, which helps control plaque buildup and keep smiles bright and healthy. Kids of all ages need to brush when they wake up and again before going to sleep. We also suggest flossing before bed as well. Pick an age appropriate toothbrush and for little ones aged three and older, a toothpaste that contains fluoride. You can time them, or use a fun app, to help make the process fun. If you have any questions about children’s dentistry, or if your little ones are ready for their back-to-school visit, then please contact our team today.

Do Your Kids Need A Checkup?

We want to work with you to ensure your child enjoy optimal oral health for many years to come. To learn more about our approach to children’s dental care and preventive dentistry, then schedule a consultation by calling our dentist’s office in Mansfield, TX, today at 817-473-6227.