Making Teeth Notably Whiter

Your teeth can be healthy and still less attractive than you prefer. One reason for this is that you can have problems with discoloration that make you self-conscious. At our Mansfield, TX dental practice, we can recommend different services that reliably brighten teeth and fix this issue. For many, a professional whitening treatment can be the right option. However, there are times when different solutions are beneficial. We can determine what approach is right for you based on the condition of your teeth. The good news is that when you take on your flaws, you can enjoy lasting benefits, which means you continue to see positive results from care! (more…)

Root Canals And Restorative Work

There are different ways to respond to oral health issues. How will your dentist know what to do in response to an issue with your smile? The answer will depend on the severity of the problem. As time passes, a tooth that is affected by decay or physical damage can worsen in its condition. This can eventually lead to difficulties because of an infection, something that will have to be addressed through root canal treatment. At our Mansfield, TX dental practice, we can provide this service, which will resolve any active problems with discomfort as well as concerns about the spread of bacteria through the tooth. After your procedure is complete, we can keep your tooth safe by capping it with a dental crown prepared to provide you with long-term security and support. (more…)

Should I Look Into Treatment For TMD?

If you feel as if jaw pain is a steadily worsening problem for your life, you may need to discuss the matter with your dentist. The discomfort you feel could be from TMJ disorder, also known as TMD, which can lead to several kinds of pain as well as stiffness in your bite movement. People who experience problems with TMD can have additional problems such as teeth grinding, recurring headaches, and more. Our Mansfield, TX dentist’s office is prepared to help you with this condition. After an evaluation of your jaw alignment and movement, we can determine what kind of care you need to ease tension and improve your quality of life! (more…)

Improvements Made By Veneers

Your goals for cosmetic treatment may be easier to reach than you realize. For patients who want to take on several issues, one procedure can be enough to fully address concerns and provide long-term benefits. Our Mansfield, TX dentist’s office can help you show off your ideal smile after placing porcelain veneers, thin and durable shells made to cover the front surfaces of your enamel. With minimal preparatory and just two appointments, we can address problems with discoloration, damaged enamel, problems with tooth shape and size, and even spacing concerns! The porcelain substance is strong enough to hold up through years of friction that can affect our teeth, so you can count on yours to maintain their appearance for many years. (more…)

Can Implant Dentistry Really Restore My Smile?

Until your smile is complete again, you can feel self-conscious about how you look. The trouble with tooth loss is that it causes more than just this kind of cosmetic concern, as you can also be left with problems that impact your bite function and oral health. At our Mansfield, TX dentist’s office, we can recommend solutions that have lasting benefits. Thanks to implant dentistry, we can restore carefully placed implant posts that provide permanent security for prosthetic appliances. With this arrangement, you can feel better about the way you look, and you can feel more comfortable biting and chewing. In the long run, this will also help by keeping teeth stable, and by protecting you against the loss of jawbone density. (more…)

Selecting And Placing The Right Crown

The right approach to restorative dental work is one that ends with you feeling confident in your appearance, oral health, and dental function. There are times when this makes it necessary for you to receive a dental crown rather than a filling. At our Mansfield, TX dentist’s office, we can provide both full and partial dental crowns, and we can make sure that the restoration you receive is strong enough to stay in good condition for many years. The good news is that we can take on concerns about your dental well-being while taking care to preserve your smile, as we offer restorations that can successfully imitate healthy enamel! (more…)

How Fillings Restore Tooth Strength

The damage that occurs when your tooth develops a cavity is permanent, which means there is not a period of healing where you will regain the lost tissues. What does this mean for the long-term health of your tooth? What can you do to make sure that this issue does not have consequences for you in the long term? You may not be able to naturally recover from the effect of decay, but you can count on your Mansfield, TX dentist to address the matter. Through the placement of a lifelike dental filling, we can hide the evidence of harm and also support your tooth so that you can rely on its bite strength as well as its natural resistance to infection. (more…)

See Desirable Results Through Dental Bonding

If you want to make real changes to your smile, you may worry that the cosmetic dental work you require will take more time and effort than you are ready to accept. By looking at what different dental services actually involve, you can find that this is not the case, and that you can actually see desirable results in as little as one appointment! Our Mansfield, TX dentist’s office can talk with you about dental bonding services. Through this approach to smile care, we can take on embarrassing discoloration, concerns about dental damage, problems with teeth spacing, and more to make sure that you have renewed confidence in your appearance! (more…)

Can An Extracted Tooth Be Replaced?

Through the appropriate dental work, it is often possible to take care of oral health problems while only making minimal changes to your tooth structure. Timing matters when it comes to restorative dentistry—simply put, the longer you wait to do something about a problem, the more likely you are to have complications. Advanced gum disease, physical injuries, and severe decay can cause enough problems to require a tooth extraction. Our Mansfield, TX dentist’s office is prepared to help in a situation where a tooth cannot be saved. In addition to providing your extraction, we can provide a custom prosthetic restoration to improve your smile and well-being. (more…)

Reliable Protection Through Teeth Cleanings

Your smile needs protection against oral bacteria, as these microbes can form plaque and tartar, and they can secrete acids as they digest the food particles left on your teeth that lead to enamel damage. You can effectively protect yourself and keep your smile in good condition by consistently brushing and flossing, but you should include professional preventive dental care in your routine to avoid problems. Our Mansfield, TX dentist’s office is prepared to help you keep up with smile care so that your risk for decay and gum disease remain low. In addition to providing dental cleanings that keep you safe from future problems, you can receive timely warnings about problems that will need to be addressed before there are complications. (more…)