Are You Going To The State Fair This Year?

Are You Going To The State Fair This Year?The 2018 State Fair of Texas is officially open! Lots of schools, families, and groups in Mansfield, TX drive out to the fair in Dallas! The State Fair is always big fun with millions of people in attendance and 24 days of live music, carnival rides, games, livestock, fried food, and exciting exhibits! New to the fair this year is Thrifty Thursdays, where there will be discounts on food favorites like corn dogs and cotton candy on Thursdays! Every year of the State Fair of Texas has a special theme; the theme this year is Celebrating Texas Innovation. Texas-based innovation, inventions, and technology will be highlighted all over the fair.  (more…)

Why Am I Just Now Getting Cavities?

Why Am I Just Now Getting Cavities?Some people can go most of their lives without getting cavities. If you were one of those people, but then all of a sudden you are getting cavities, it can be disconcerting. If this is happening to you, the first important step is to restore any teeth affected by tooth decay. Once a decayed tooth has been restored with a dental filling or root canal treatment, the next step is to find the cause for the change in your mouth. Your dental team in Mansfield, TX can help you treat your cavities and find the reason you may be getting them now.  (more…)

Sealants: An Extra Line Of Defense

Sealants: An Extra Line Of DefenseYou likely do everything you can to protect your smile. You brush your teeth at least twice a day with one of those times being before you go to sleep. You floss once a day. You visit your Mansfield, TX dentist at least twice a year for an exam and dental cleaning. You are mindful about the foods you eat and you drink plenty of water. You know that your oral health is important. Maybe you wonder if there is anything else you can do to protect your smile? The short answer is yes. Dental sealants can add an extra layer of defense for your smile.  (more…)

Early Detection Of Oral Cancer Saves Lives

Early Detection Of Oral Cancer Saves LivesAccording to the American Dental Association, less than half of all adult Americans routinely visit the dentist. The recommended routine for dental visits is at least twice a year or once every six months. For the adults not getting to the dentist often enough, they are missing out on the smile protection provided by their dentist. Not only are they not getting exams and cleanings routinely, but they are also missing out on oral cancer screenings that your dentist can provide. Oral cancer is a deadly form of cancer when given time to advance. Routine screenings can help slow down the time that the disease could have to progress. Your dental team in Mansfield, TX offers oral cancer screenings.  (more…)

This Weekend’s Frame 4 Frame Festival

This Weekend's Frame 4 Frame FestivalThis year is the 3rd year of the Frame 4 Frame Festival, which will be held in Arlington, TX this weekend, September 20th through September 23rd. The festival is the first of its kind in the immediate Arlington, mid-cities, and Mansfield, TX area. It is a visual arts and musical forum committed to raising appreciation and cultural awareness for the creativity and diversity in the area. The Frame 4 Frame Festival will screen a collection of films from big studio, independent filmmakers, on both a national and local level. The festival will also feature exhibits at the Arlington Museum of Art. The festival debuted in 2015 and has already showcased much of the artistic talent of North Texas and the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. Frame 4 Frame will kick off tonight with a free musical performance at J. Gilligan’s in Arlington. (more…)

I Want To Address My Smile’s Discoloration

I Want To Address My Smile's DiscolorationIf you look in the mirror or take a selfie and find yourself discouraged because of the color of your teeth, it may be time to address it. Not all tooth discoloration is caused by coffee-drinking or cigarette-smoking, so how do you know the right method for your smile? Your dental team in Mansfield, Texas can help you decide how best to address your smile’s discoloration. The cause of the discoloration will determine the method in which to remove it or cover it. Understanding your smile could be the key to getting you brighter teeth.  (more…)

I Broke My Tooth! What Do I Do Now?

I Broke My Tooth! What Do I Do Now?An instant can change everything. If you have ever been in a car wreck or any type of accident, you know how quickly things can go from fine to catastrophe. Breaking a tooth may not be as traumatic as some accidents, but it can feel like an emergency in the moment. If you have broken a tooth, it is important to visit your dentist as soon as you can. Your dental team in Mansfield, TX can help you assess the damage and restore the tooth.  (more…)

Smile Dangers In Your Office?

Smile Dangers In Your Office?Many people in the Mansfield, TX area work at a desk in an office. You would not think that a desk job could present that many physical dangers, but there can be problems for your smile when working in an office. Without thinking about it, you could be increasing your risks for gum disease, tooth damage, and tooth decay. With a little bit of awareness and mindfulness, you can decrease these risks for your smile. From sipping on sugary coffee all day to chewing on a pen cap, there may be smile dangers in your office.  (more…)

Music Alley Is Back!

Music Alley Is Back! The beloved annual event in Mansfield, TX is back for 2018! Music Alley Music & Arts Festival takes place in historic downtown Mansfield this weekend. Music Alley has multiple stages including one indoors with air conditioning in the Farr Best Theater. The Farr Best Theater is a piece of Mansfield history opening in 1917. There will be other outdoor stages along with a dance stage and a kids stage. Along with music and dance, there will also be a lot of art showcased specifically with Art Alley. There will also be lots of interactive art activities like sidewalk chalk, air drying clay mosaic, etc. There will be an Instrument Petting Zoo where kids will get a chance to play and experiment with different musical instruments. (more…)

3 Facts About Cosmetic Dentistry

3 Facts About Cosmetic DentistryOur society is currently living through the Information Age, which means we all like to be well-informed. We like to know the reviews on a restaurant or a movie before we go experience it ourselves. We have access to facts and information that we simply didn’t have before. With all this information, it can be easy to become overwhelmed. Rather than inundate you with an information overload, your dental team in Mansfield, TX has whittled it down to just three important facts about cosmetic dentistry. Whether you have only considered a cosmetic upgrade to your smile or have already experienced it yourself, these three facts may be for you.  (more…)