During a routine visit to your Mansfield, TX dental office, you will receive a thorough check for cavities. Early cavity detection leads to earlier treatment, and that means your tooth is treated before complications can occur. Smaller cavities are treated with dental fillings, a more conservative treatment option that protects your tooth structure and preserves your appearance. While the search for an active cavity is important, it is not the only benefit of a regular dental exam. At your appointments, you also receive dental cleanings that remove harmful plaque and tartar before they can cause issues with dental decay. This added protection for your smile makes problems less likely to occur. We should note that this is not the only issue that concerns us during a routine exam – your dentist will alert you to any signs of poor oral health that you should know about.

How Long Should You Go Between General Dental Visits?

You should continue to schedule dental appointments on a semiannual basis. Unless there is a reason to break from this schedule, you should make these regular visits a part of your overall commitment to good oral hygiene. If you stretch the amount of time you go between appointments, you can experience problems with advanced tooth decay that call for more involved treatments. By waiting until you think something is wrong to see your dentist, you can leave yourself vulnerable to a problem that calls for root canal therapy and a dental crown, rather than having a problem identified and treated with a dental filling at a regular visit.

Tartar And Tooth Decay

Tartar buildup will make teeth vulnerable to cavities. Unfortunately, daily dental care is not effective at removing tartar deposits that have already formed. While good daily habits will help you avoid the accumulation of tartar, you will not be able to clear away deposits that are present without the help of your hygienist.

Other Oral Health Issues We Can Help You Avoid

By providing regular teeth cleanings and offering to provide dental sealants when appropriate, we help patients remain cavity-free. This is an important service, but it is just one of several that we can provide to help you maintain good overall oral health. Your dentist will also look out for other conditions, like bruxism and TMD, which lead to problems with enamel damage, chronic jaw pain and stiffness, and more. We can also alert you if we observe any possible signs of oral cancer while providing a routine evaluation.

Schedule Your Next Dental Visit With Your Mansfield, TX Dentist

By scheduling regular dental visits, you gain an important measure of protection against cavities and other oral health concerns. If you would like to find out more about our general services, or if you have any questions or concerns that we can address, please reach out to Mansfield Dental Associates by calling 817-473-6227.