One of the goals of general dental care is to protect patients from the kinds of dental problems that call for advanced restorative dental care. Early detection and treatment of problems like tooth decay can lead to a problem’s resolution before it becomes more advanced. In other words, by attending regular dental checkups, you lower your risk for problems that require root canal therapy! However, if you have fallen out of the habit of these visits, or if you experience a physical injury, your Mansfield, TX dentist is ready to help by providing this treatment, which stops active pain and the potential threat of an infection that can cause more problems for your overall oral health.

What Does A Root Canal Actually Do For Your Oral Health?

A root canal is performed when a problem affects your inner tooth structure, making treatment in this space necessary. You may need this procedure because of a severe cavity, but it can also be needed after a physical injury where your pulp becomes infected or damaged. By performing this treatment, we can stop active discomfort, and we can remove the threat of spreading bacteria from leaving your tooth and affecting your health.

Arranging Your Root Canal

After confirming that you need a root canal, your dentist will schedule your procedure. The tooth structure will be carefully treated so that your pulp can be directly treated. After infected tissues and bacteria are removed, the space will be sealed to stop new problems from occurring, and you will receive a custom dental crown. A crown caps a tooth, which protects it when you bite and chew and also keeps it safe against another infection. If you have concerns about discomfort during treatment, we can discuss dental sedation, which can help you remain relaxed during your root canal.

How You Can Avoid A Future Root Canal Procedure

Unfortunately, physical injuries can occur without warning, and they can make advanced restorative services necessary. However, consistent dental care can protect you against the kind of advanced decay that makes this procedure a necessity at some times. Regular checkups lead to early cavity detection and treatment with dental fillings, while consistent care at home will help you prevent the buildup of oral bacteria that lead to cavities.

Talk To Your Mansfield, TX Dentist About Root Canal Therapy

When it is necessary for you to undergo root canal therapy, your Mansfield, TX dentist’s office is prepared to help! A root canal removes bacteria and damaged tissues within your tooth to stop pain, protect it from being lost, and prevent the movement of bacteria to other areas. If you have questions about this treatment or any other that we provide, please call Mansfield Dental Associates at 817-473-6227.