When you start asking about cosmetic dental work, you can have a strong idea of what you hope the right procedure (or procedures) can do for your smile. However, you can lack details on how your dentist can help you achieve your goals. Will you need to schedule more than one treatment? What will a procedure actually involve? Is cosmetic treatment appropriate when a tooth is injured? Our Mansfield, TX dentist’s office can discuss your concerns and provide helpful information. You can be surprised at just how much one cosmetic procedure can do to change your confidence in your smile!

1. What Can I Change About My Smile Through Cosmetic Dentistry?

Through cosmetic treatment, we can address a variety of concerns that you may have about the way you look. We can take on discoloration by providing a professional teeth whitening treatment, and we can offer services that change the shape, size, and even the apparent alignment of teeth. With some procedures, we can actually take on several issues at one time, making your smile improvement goals easier to reach.

2. How Many Procedures Will I Need To Undergo To See The Results I Want?

Depending on what your concerns are with the way you look, you may be able to see all of your smile improvements after just one procedure. Treatments with porcelain veneers and tooth bonding procedures can improve the appearance of teeth that are misshapen, discolored, poorly spaced, or even damaged. Tooth bonding treatment will provide a more conservative solution for these problems, as no restorations are needed to change your appearance. While veneers require more preparatory work and do rely on restorations to make improvements, they can offer more durable changes.

3. Can Cosmetic Treatment Address Dental Damage?

It may be possible for us to restore an injured tooth through cosmetic dentistry. With that said, the degree of damage will influence how we approach your care. Chipped and cracked teeth can be restored through a cosmetic procedure. However, your dentist will check first to see if your injury might affect your bite function, or if it leaves you vulnerable to oral health issues over time. The good news is that we can still restore your smile by using a lifelike dental crown to protect your vulnerable tooth.

Talk To Your Mansfield, TX Dentist About Cosmetic Dentistry

Our Mansfield, TX dentist’s office is ready to meet with you to discuss the benefits of cosmetic dentistry. If you know exactly what you want to change about your smile, or if you have more general questions about what treatment can do for you, we can help! We are also here to help you maintain healthy teeth, and to address active oral health concerns. To find out more about what we can do for you, please reach out to Mansfield Dental Associates by calling 817-473-6227.