Mansfield, Texas is a community rich with diversity in demographics. Older people make up a decent chunk of the city’s population. The national Centers for Disease Control recently released a study on older American’s oral health concerns, and the results were not all positive. The majority of senior citizens (over the age of 65) have had a cavity and have gum disease. As you get older, it is still essential to take care of your smile. Poor oral health can obviously affect your smile, but it can also negatively affect your overall health. If you are aware of the concerns for seniors, you may feel just a tad more inclined to take good care of your smile’s health

Dry Mouth

Most people in advanced ages take some form of medication, both prescription and over-the-counter. Certain medications have a side effect of dry mouth, so the likelihood of experiencing this side effect increases for seniors. Also, as the body natural ages, it produces less moisture, which means your mouth can begin to get more dry all on its own.

Tooth Loss

About one in every five people over the age of 65 has lost all of their teeth. Losing teeth can lead to bone density loss. Even with prosthetic dentures, people who have lost all teeth begin to eat differently than they did before. Nutrition can affect someone’s well-being, and nutrition is very much affected by tooth loss. People who do not have their natural teeth tend to eat less whole foods and end up eating more soft, processed foods.

Oral Cancer

The median age for an oral cancer diagnosis is 62 years old. Regular checkups with your dentist allow for an oral cancer screening along with your routine exam and cleaning. Oral cancer is one of the deadliest types of cancer, but it is also one of the most treatable when identified early.

Routine dental care helps seniors

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