Do you find yourself daydreaming about your ideal smile? Then the “what ifs…” start coming to mind. Questions like “What if too many things need fixing?” and “What if I can’t tell the dentist what I want?” First, let us assure you that Mansfield, TX dentists Dr. Jones and Dr. Harris have years of experience in helping patients achieve their best smiles. They can meet with you and assess the options. For smiles with more than one  challenge to address, the cosmetic benefits of porcelain veneers may be a time-effective solution.

Can Veneers Fix Everything?

“Everything” is a big statement, but it is safe to say veneers can correct many issues in a smile.  For example, if the front teeth are intrinsically stained (meaning surface teeth whitening will not help) and awkwardly sized, with a gap between the teeth, veneers could address all those problems at the same time.

How Long Does It Take To Get Veneers?

Veneers are a lifetime smile solution for many people, so it is encouraging to think of the timeframe in years of beautiful smiles, rather than minutes in the dental chair. Please bring up your questions about veneers at any appointment, whether you are having a routine checkup and cleaning, or at a separate cosmetic dentistry consultation. Placing the veneers takes two visits. At the first appointment, your dentist will prepare your teeth and take dental impressions. The veneers are custom crafted at a lab, and will be bonded permanently in place at a second appointment.

How Long Before It’s Back to Life as Usual?

Between the first an second appointment, many patients have temporary veneers, so there is little disruption in routine. You will be given detailed aftercare instructions for the immediate hours and days following veneer placement. Our attentive staff can answer questions. Generally, veneers are generally given the same care you give to your natural teeth, so you will be back to life as usual, with the wonderful addition of a smile that truly makes you happy.

Don’t Let Questions Delay A Better Smile

Bring your veneer questions to us during any office visit! To schedule a consultation with Mansfield Dental Associates in Mansfield, TX, call 817-473-6227. We proudly welcome patients from Mansfield and the surrounding areas, including South Arlington, Kennedale, Southeast Ft. Worth, Alvarado, Midlothian, and more.