Typically, when someone is constantly grinding their teeth, it happens at night while they are sound asleep. This begs the question then that if you are asleep when you do it, how do you know you are doing it? Well, there are a few signs that you might be grinding your teeth. One sign may be that you notice throughout the day, you can feel yourself clenching your jaw or grinding your teeth subconsciously. Another sign might be that you have developed tooth sensitivity or you develop cavities easily despite taking good care of your teeth. A sign that could be related to several issues is that of chronic headaches especially when you first wake up. Along with a waking headache, your mouth and jaw may feel tired in the morning. Your dentist in Mansfield, Texas can help you both determine if you are grinding your teeth and help you address it. 

Problems It Can Cause

Constant teeth-grinding, also known as bruxism, can create quite a few problems for your smile. Your teeth are very strong with very hard surfaces. While this is a good thing for protecting your smile, it can be a problem when your teeth are grinding against each other with force. Unchecked bruxism can lead to years of friction wearing down your teeth’s enamel. It can make your teeth have tiny fractures that create openings for tooth decay to attack. These same tiny fractures can leave your teeth weak and vulnerable to breakage. The wear and tear does not just affect your teeth, but it can also negatively affect the joints of your jaw.

Options to Address It

Your dentist is trained to identify signs of bruxism. Once it is determined that you are grinding your teeth, the next step is to address it. If your teeth have been damaged, restoration may be required. If stress is causing the clenching and grinding, that may need to be addressed. If misalignment has caused your teeth to meet up with each other in a problematic way to cause grinding, the alignment may need to be adjusted. Your dentist can also provide a custom mouth guard to protect your teeth from the ill-effects of grinding.

Do you think you might be grinding your teeth?

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