If you have a cavity, restorative dental work will be required to return your tooth to good health. With that said, the type of care you require can actually change. If you act in time, you can have your tooth restored before you need anything more than a dental filling. People who do not arrange cavity care until they experience worrying discomfort can learn that they need root canal therapy. At our Mansfield, TX dentist’s office, we will work with you to make sure problems are addressed as soon as possible in order to prevent complications. However, if an issue does call for this service, we can take care to fully resolve problems with the health of your tooth to stop pain and the spread of decay.

When Is It Necessary To Perform Root Canal Therapy?

Root canal therapy deals with problems within the tooth structure. Your pulp, the central chamber of a tooth, is where living tissues are housed. In time, a cavity can allow bacteria access to this space, leading to a painful infection, and one that can cause serious trouble for your oral health. At this point, your dentist can perform a root canal to stop the matter from growing worse. What happens if you do not seek care in time at this point? Eventually, bacteria that are in your pulp can move through the roots of a tooth to attack other areas, which means more problems that will require care.

What To Expect From Your Procedure

We look to provide the most conservative approach to restorative dental work possible in order to preserve as much of your tooth structure as we can. In other words, we will not recommend that you undergo a root canal unless it is truly necessary. With that said, if we observe symptoms of an infection, we can take action to stop the matter from growing more serious, and we can plan treatment to make sure your tooth is restored after this treatment. We will carefully access your pulp so that we can clear away bacteria and infected tissues, then seal it to stop another infection from happening. After this, we can make plans to restore your tooth with a custom dental crown.

How Can I Avoid Problems In The Future That Call For Root Canal Therapy?

Simply put, it is difficult to know when a cavity first forms, because you may not experience symptoms. However, you can have a problem with decay caught and treated early when your dentist evaluates you during a regular checkup. These services lower your risk for complications because your dentist can see when something is wrong before you know something is amiss. Your visits also help you avoid future problems entirely, as we provide dedicated teeth cleanings.

Talk To Your Mansfield, TX Dentist About Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy is an important service, one that can stop a serious cavity from causing more oral health issues, including the loss of your tooth! To find out more, please contact Mansfield Dental Associates at 817-473-6227!