Choosing a restorative option for a missing tooth or missing teeth can be daunting. The variety of options of restoration can be overwhelming. Knowledge is power when it comes to overcoming that overwhelmed feeling of a decision. If you know the basics of the restorative option, you will feel better equipped to decide. A dental bridge can be a more affordable option than a dental implant, but when do you know when it is right for you? When do you know when it is time to cross that dental bridge with a dental bridge? 

What is a dental bridge?

A dental bridge has a similar function to a bridge connecting two pieces of land over a body of water. In the case of a dental bridge, the bridge connects two teeth over the gap of a missing tooth. Your dentist will bond the bridge to the two surrounding teeth. A porcelain model of the missing tooth will be in the middle. An impression of your teeth and gap will be made so that a bridge can be custom designed for your mouth. The maintenance of a dental bridge is similar to the maintenance of your natural teeth.

When to choose a dental bridge?

A dental bridge can also replace up to three missing teeth as long as the missing teeth are in a row adjacent to two existing teeth. A bridge can be less expensive and less invasive than a dental implant. While a dental bridge can stop misalignment by preventing other teeth from moving into the empty space of a missing a tooth, a dental bridge may not stimulate the roots. Without stimulation of roots, some bone loss in the jaw can occur. A dental implant can provide that stimulation.

Your dentist can help you decide if a dental bridge is right for you

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