Have your friends or family members talked to you about a bridge and how it may solve your tooth loss problem? If you are missing one tooth or up to three teeth in a row, you may make a wonderful candidate for a dental bridge. This dental prosthetic provides a long-term solution to completing your smile in the wake of tooth loss. Rather than waiting any longer for the answers you seek, we encourage you to look over the following frequently asked questions and accompanying explanations. Learning more will help you determine whether this restorative treatment is well suited to your needs.

Your Frequently Asked Questions About Bridges

Question: What is a dental bridge?

Answer: A bridge is a dental prosthetic that may replace one tooth or a series of up to three teeth side-by-side. It is composed of dental crowns on either end. These crowns will be placed over your natural teeth for support. Between these anchor crowns lies one – or a series – of pontics, or artificial teeth. Once placed, the bridge completes the open space in your mouth.

Question: Is a bridge permanent or removable?

Answer: This prosthetic is “fixed” meaning we will place it permanently in your mouth for long-term wear. You will not be able to remove it.

Question: Will the bridge look obvious?

Answer: No. We will color-match the artificial teeth in the bridge to match your surrounding teeth for the appearance of a seamless, uniform smile.

Question: Are there any health benefits to choosing this solution?

Answer: Yes. You will be able to chew comfortably again, for improved nutrition. Filling the open space will improve your dental hygiene, preventing food from becoming stuck in the opening. In addition, the dental bridge acts as a placeholder, preventing your remaining natural teeth from moving into the open space, which often results in misalignment.


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